Bismuth in silicon qubits: the role of EPR cancellation resonances

IICQI 2010

We investigate theoretically and experimentally the electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra of bismuth doped silicon (Si:Bi) at intermediate magnetic fields, B ≈ 0.05-0.6 T. We identify a previously unexplored EPR regime of "cancellation-resonances"- where part of the hyperfine coupling is resonant with the external field-induced splitting. We show this regime has interesting and experimentally accessible consequences for spectroscopy and quantum information applications. These include reduction of decoherence, fast manipulation of the coupled nuclear-electron qubit system and line narrowing in the multi-qubit case. We test our theoretical analysis by comparing with experimental X-band (9.7 GHz) EPR spectra obtained in the intermediate field regime.