IICQI 2010

International Iran Conference on Quantum Information 2010

IICQI 2010 poster

The IICQI-10 International Iran Conference on Quantum Information 2010 was held in Kish Island, Iran, September 11-14, 2010. The conference featured the latest developments in theoretical and experimental quantum information science, featured talks by leading international researchers, and provided the opportunity for research discussions and collaborations between international and Iranian quantum information researchers.

Presenter Title
Shirwan Abdullah Entanglement Indicators in Quantum Dots
Fatemeh Ahmadi Fidelity for States of Two Spin-1/2 Particles in Moving Frames
Ahamad Akhound Multi-qubit entanglement and the critical entangling field
Sahar Alipour Markovianity of quantum channels and quantum estimation
Mostafa Annabestani Shifting position decoherence in one-dimensional discrete time quantum walk
Sima Baghbanzadeh Bound entanglement in quantum phase transitions
Shabir Barzanjeh Dynamical behavior of entanglement in semiconductor microcavities
Leila Eslami Double quantum ring with Rashba spin-orbit interaction as a quantum NOT gate
Mohammad A Fasihi Aghabloagh Entanglement of Fermionic Coherent States for Pseudo Hermitian Hamiltonian
Johannes Gütschow Performance of quantum convolutional coding with memory constraints
Ozra Haibati Measuring Entanglement between Two Cavities Quantum Electrodynamics
David Herrera-Marti A photonic Implementation of the Topological Cluster State Computer
Khabat Heshami Quantum memory based on controllable transition dipole moment
Monireh Houshmand Minimal memory requirements for pearl necklace encoders of quantum convolutional codes
Mojtaba Jafarpour Optimal and critical squeezing fields for a multi-qubit spin system
Cosmo Lupo Memory effects in attenuation and amplification quantum processes
Mahmoud Mahdian Quantifying spin-momentum correlation in single-particle quantum states using non-linear entanglement witnesses
Yusef Maleki Entanglement of Grassmannian Coherent States
Azam Mani Time-Dependent Memory Channel
Milad Marvian Generalizing Quantum Secret Sharing Using Secure Carriers
Hossein Mehri-Dehnavi Entanglement of pseudo-pure spinor state in accelerated frames
Laleh Memarzadeh Quantum information reclaiming by classical feedback from the environment
Mohammad H Mohammady Bismuth in silicon qubits: the role of EPR cancellation resonances
Shahpoor Moradi Two accelerated observers and degradation of entanglement
Ghader Najarbashi Maximal Entanglement of Two-qubit States Constructed by Linearly Independent
Mahdi Rezaei Karamati Molecular solution for the subset-sum problem on DNA based quantum computing
Parvin Sadeghi Tesallis entropy in the Husimi and Wigner representations
Mahmoud Abdel-Aty Sohag University, Egypt
Ali Al-Kamli Jazan University, Saudi Arabia
Stephen D Bartlett University of Sydney, Australia
Dagmar Bruß University of Düsseldorf, Germany
Vladimír Bužek Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
Viktor Dodonov Universidade de Brasília, Brazil
Ivette Fuentes-Schuller Universität Potsdam, Germany
Winfried Hensinger University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Susana Huelga University of Ulm, Germany
Vahid Karimipour Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Elham Kashefi University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Stefano Mancini University of Camerino, Italy
Davronbek Matrasulov Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan
Mikio Nakahara Kinki University, Japan
Juan Pablo Paz University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Francesco Petruccione University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Martin Plenio University of Ulm, Germany
Terry Rudolph Imperial College, United Kingdom
Barry Sanders University of Calgary, Canada
Abdul Hameed Toor Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan
Ian A Walmsley University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Reinhard F Werner Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany
Peter Zoller University of Innsbruck, Austria
M Suhail Zubairy Texas A&M University, United States
Vahid Karimipour Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Laleh Memarzadeh Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Ali Rezakhani Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Khabat Heshami University of Calgary, Canada
Seyed Reza Mousavi Sharif University of Technology, International Campus, Iran
Zahra Shaterzadeh-Yazdi University of Tehran, Iran
Sahar Alipour Aalto University, Finland
Sima Baghbanzadeh Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Afsoon Ebrahimi Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Hossein Ghorbanfekr Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Reza Haghshenas Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Mear M. R. Koochakie Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Milad Marvian University of Southern California, United States
Mohammad Hossein Zarei Shiraz University, Iran