Sequential generation of entanglement under real-life conditions

IICQI 2012
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Quantum renormalization group techniques provide an in situ criterion for keeping the most relevant information and integrating out the superfluous degrees of freedom that do not contribute to the essential physics. A synergy of such renormalization group techniques is achieved upon rephrasing them in terms of the so-called matrix-product formalism as a unifying framework for performing systematic comparisons and further variational optimization of the results. On the quantum information side, such a systematic and controllable reduction of the effective "size of my system" significantly facilitates the realization of various quantum informational and computing protocols and help to elevate them from an abstract theoretical level to practical recipes of experimental eminence. Paradigmatic examples encompass sequential generation of entangled multiqubit states, two-qubit decomposition of global unitary entanglers, and optimal quantum cloning. It is the purpose of this talk to demonstrate