IICQI 2016

To participants and speakers of the IICQI:

Regrettably and despite our wish and efforts, we have to postpone the Fifth International Iran Conference on Quantum Information (IICQI-16) to another chance in near future. We had to make this difficult decision in order not to put our international invitees and participants, and the conference itself, in an inconvenient and undecided position because of the new US bill concerning the visa-waiver program, which puts restrictions on travelers to Iran.

We are appreciative of your interest and support, and apologize for this unfortunate inconvenience. We hope that we can soon assess the impact of this new visa regulation and can conclude that it will not be a hassle to our conference. We shall inform you of any update about the IICQI-16 through this webpage or via email. Meanwhile, please stay tuned and maintain your support for the IICQI.

The Organizing Team of the IICQI-16

Last updated: 2015-12-22
Konrad Banaszek University of Warsaw, Poland
Dagmar Bruß University of Düsseldorf, Germany
Vladimír Bužek Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
Mark Byrd Southern Illinois University, United States
Ignacio Cirac Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Germany
Nilanjana Datta University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Susana Huelga University of Ulm, Germany
Vahid Karimipour Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Elham Kashefi University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Chiara Macchiavello University of Pavia, Italy
Stefano Mancini University of Camerino, Italy
Gerard Milburn The University of Queensland, Australia
Klaus Mølmer Aarhus University, Denmark
Mikio Nakahara Kinki University, Japan
Saverio Pascazio University of Bari, Italy
Arun Kumar Pati Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India
Juan Pablo Paz University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Martin Plenio University of Ulm, Germany
Terry Rudolph Imperial College, United Kingdom
Barry Sanders University of Calgary, Canada
Enrique Solano University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain
Peter Zoller University of Innsbruck, Austria
Karol Życzkowski Institute of Physics of the Jagiellonian University, Poland
Vahid Karimipour Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Laleh Memarzadeh Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Ali Rezakhani Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Sahar Alipour Sharif University of Technology, Iran
Zahra Shaterzadeh-Yazdi University of Tehran, Iran
Mear M. R. Koochakie Sharif University of Technology, Iran